Please STOP right now if you want to:
  • Activate your Life Wireless service; OR
  • Keep your existing wireless number; OR
  • Move your existing wireless number to a different SIM; OR
  • Change your wireless number and keep existing account balance.
For any of the above situations, please call our Customer Service Department at 1-866-487-2899.

Before activating your Pure Unlimited account, please make sure your handset is ready:

  • Fully charge your handset first.
  • If you only purchased a SIM, please insert it into your GSM handset. If your handset is locked or the onscreen message reads something like "Invalid SIM" and/or prompts for entering code, please do not proceed to activate your account. You can order a handset from us.
  • Once your handset is charged, turn it on to ensure your handset is working properly although you cannot make any calls at this moment.
  • Now turn it off. Please keep your handset powered-off during the whole activation process.

If you are ready, you can now proceed to activate your Pure Unlimited account and get a new wireless number.

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